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The Tails Up Staff

Experience counts when it comes to giving you and your dog the best training. Each member of the Tails Up staff competes in American Kennel Club dog shows and has more than ten years of experience in dog training, breeding, showing and grooming. Moreover, they understand what it means to have a well-behaved canine family member and how to help you achieve that goal. Tails Up is supportive of all dog owners' training goals from simply having a reliable "come" command to advanced obedience competition.

Kori & TeegoOwner, Kori Bevis, has worked with animals since she was a young girl, and began competing with her dogs in 2003. With her Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retriever, she has earned more than 40 obedience titles including three prestigious American Kennel Club OTCH (Obedience Trial Champion) titles, 6 perfect 200 scores, 100+ HIT awards (Highest Scoring Dog in Trial), 100+ High Combined awards (Highest Combined score in Open B and Utility), and more than 3000 OTCH points. She has been invited to compete at the AKC National Obedience Championship 10 times, and in 2017 had the honor of winning the event to become the 2017 AKC National Obedience Champion. Kori is an enthusiastic and creative trainer who promotes motivational methods & a good working relationship of mutual respect between owner & dog. Kori wants everyone to enjoy their dogs as much as she enjoys hers.  Above all, Kori loves helping people to be successful and achieve their goals with their dogs.

Policies & Guidelines

Please review the following before attending your first class. If you feel you or your dog are the exceptions to any of the following PLEASE tell us! The following policies and procedures have been designed to keep our classes enjoyable for everyone.

You are welcome to come visit our facility and observe our training program before you register for a class. Please check in at the front desk upon your arrival.


  • Payment in full secures your space in the class. Payment is due before the first class, or when all spaces in the class have been filled, whichever comes first.
  • There are no refunds given after the first class.
  • If you cancel at least 72 hours before your class is scheduled to start you will receive a full refund. Refunds with less than 72 hours notice will be based on if the class is full and if so, if your space can be filled from the waiting list.


  • Please �potty� your dog when you arrive, before coming into the facility even if they went just before you left home. You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog, both inside and outside. Use the designated dog potty area only; do not allow your dog to potty on the landscaping and grass directly around the building.
  • Classes involve walking & running, and require appropriate footwear. No flip-flops allowed.
  • Multiple family members are welcome to attend classes. It is important that all family members receive the same information and are being consistent with the dog. Children under 18 years old must be supervised by an adult on premises at all times. Children must sit quietly, not be disruptive to the class, and may not approach dogs without permission.
  • We welcome children older than 10 years old who would like to train their own dog, as long as the dog is under control and is making reasonable progress in the class. Please contact us prior to registering, to get approval. For children under 18 years old, a responsible adult must be in attendance on the premises at all times.
  • Please advise us of any food allergies or intolerances that your dog has. We use food treats while training the dogs. We encourage you to bring small soft treats that your dog likes and tolerates well.
  • Please be respectful of other students by keeping your dog as quiet as possible so that all may hear class instruction. We will help you learn how to keep your dog quiet.
  • We encourage our students to watch their dogs closely. Except for in Puppy Kindergarten classes, we discourage students from allowing their dogs to interact with other dogs. Some dogs come to us with behavioral issues and do not like to visit with other dogs. Many adult dogs do not like rowdy puppies running up to them. Keeping your dog to yourself will keep him safe, and will help him learn to focus on you rather than becoming overexcited by other dogs.
  • Dogs must be on a 4' or 6' leash at all times in Puppy Kindergarten & Beginning Obedience classes. No retractable leashes allowed. Dogs enrolled in Beginning Obedience classes will be required to have a leather leash & appropriate training collar by the second week of class. Each dog is a unique individual; please contact us ahead of time, or discuss during the first class, what an appropriate training collar is for your particlar dog. Choke chains, Gentle Leaders, or harnesses will NOT be allowed in Beginning and Intermediate Obedience classes. Puppies enrolled in Puppy Kindergarten may wear harnesses during that class.
  • Please notify us if you are going to miss class. You can attend a class on the same schedule if possible, or we will work with you privately to communicate the information covered in class. 
  • Dogs should be healthy and up to date on vaccinations per your vet's recommendations. Do not bring sick dogs to the facility.
  • Instructors reserve the right to excuse any dog/handler team which may be a danger to themselves or others, is not in control, seems ill or injured, or is disruptive to the class.

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